How Often Should You Run an Air Purifier?

We recommend that you operate your air purifier 24 hours a day for the best effect. However, if this isn't practical for your situation, there are suitable ways to use your air purifier to maximize its performance. The quality of the air inside your home always changes and the impact of your air purifier will depend on its size, especially if you want to clean a single room or the entire house. In general, you can run an air purifier for a few hours a day and expect it to thoroughly clean the air in your space.

If you're just looking for a smaller room, half an hour to an hour can give the same result. That program can give you all the benefits of an air purifier without the need for it to be turned on all the time. An average unit in your space, if working properly, should draw air at about 6 air changes every hour. A higher CADR specification means that you don't have to run the air purifier for that long to purify the air in your room (if the room size is correct).

By running your home air purifier all the time, you can keep the air in your home clean and prevent new pollutants from building up. Auto mode is an intelligent function that automatically adjusts the fan speed of the air cleaner based on the volume of air pollution. Most air purifiers have several fan settings that affect how quickly they push air, in exchange for using more energy and making more noise. Some air purifiers, such as the Dyson TP04, have some advanced features that cause the appliance to turn on and off depending on the degree of indoor air quality.

However, if the air is not polluted, it is recommended to let fresh air into your home from time to time and then close the window again afterwards. Some of the best intelligent air purifiers monitor air quality and display quality readings on the purifier itself or through a connected application. If you have variable airborne triggers, such as dust, environmental pollution, or car fumes, you can run a system 24 hours a day without spending as much money as a standard air purifier. You must operate the air purifier all the time (24 hours a day) to keep the indoor air clean and free of allergens.

If you want to open a window in addition to operating your air purifier, consider the quality of the outside air.

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