How Many Air Filters Does a House Have?

Do you ever wonder how many air filters your house has? It's a common question, and the answer depends on the size and layout of your home. Generally, a home will have two air filters in its inlet holes. However, some homes may have more or less depending on the square footage and number of floors that must be supported by the central air system. The rule of thumb is one filter for each air handler.

Larger homes with multiple HVAC systems may have more than one air filter installed. Air filters are usually placed near the oven or air conditioning system controller and return grilles. To make sure you have found all of your air filters, you should check every possible location. In certain household systems, filters are essential to maintain air circulation. It's just as important as changing the oil in your car, says home expert Mike Holmes of the DIY Network series “Holmes on Holmes”.Although you might think that the air would be cleaned a little better if you had two filters side by side, that's not exactly the case.

Neglecting HVAC filters can increase your energy bill or force your system and damage it, says Cartier Kirby, customer experience manager at Filters Fast online filter store. However, high-efficiency filters can be just as damaging to the fan motor as a dirty filter. If you get sick suddenly or often despite being at home all day with no known triggers, it should be a sign that your filters are scheduled to be replaced. Asthma, skin and eye irritation, and allergic rhinitis are some of the many health problems caused by clogged air filters. Selective filtering is one of the main disadvantages of most filters such as HEPA, Spun, Media, Washable and Electrostatic, as the first three cannot filter odors and fumes, while the latter two do not guarantee mold and mildew blockage. While central air inlets also help filter contaminants to provide clean air, filters offer additional removal. The ingenious Filtrete S-UR22-2PK-6E intelligent AC oven air filters fit many return filters, although you should always check the measurements first.

The application to monitor your filters is available for iOS and Android systems and includes information on the size and type of filter you need to easily reorder them. If you've recently moved, bought a new home, or decided it's time to replace your air filter, you might be wondering where the filters are located. Most central air units would have two filters: one on the air handler and one (or even some) on the return vents. However, it's also important to note that some HVAC systems, especially larger ones, may have more than one air filter and may even require different sizes in different locations. Some even offer a phone call service that provides a detailed tour of finding filters in your home. By changing both filters on a regular schedule, you can help prevent allergies and reduce the chances of damage building up inside your central air system.

Also, while it's typical to see filters on the air handler, you can choose to place them in the return vents. Clogged filters require the system to put more effort into maintaining standard air circulation in your home.

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