Does a K&N Filter Increase Horsepower?

Air filters are an essential part of any car, and one of the easiest components to upgrade for improved performance. Many companies claim that their air filter can improve a vehicle's power, torque, and acceleration. This article will explain how a high-performance air filter works and how it can improve the overall performance of a car. It is true that removing the air filter completely would increase power, but this comes with some serious consequences, especially in dusty conditions.

Installing a pull-down panel filter can improve throttle response, slightly better mpg, and possibly a few horsepower. A cone filter with a thermal protection tube will provide more benefits, and a cold air intake will make the most of it. However, these options come with an increased cost. Using a K&N Power Clean is an alternative option that is more cost-effective.

Replacing the OEM air filter with a K&N high-flow filter will add power and increase acceleration, but the biggest gains will come from installing a complete cold air intake system. This is why upgrading an engine's air filter is the easiest and most cost-effective modification a homeowner can make. In the early 1960s, Ken Johnson and Norm McDonald developed an unconventional new air filter design to perform under the demands of dusty and silty racetracks in California. While K&N filters don't filter particles enough for some people to take a chance, they can still provide improved throttle response, slightly better mpg, and maybe a few horsepower.

This test demonstrates that a high-performance air filter can slightly increase vehicle performance. Some people use K&N air filters because they live in dusty areas and spend more on paper filters than on oil filters. Removing the screen before the air cleaner box and disconnecting the positive cable for 5 minutes can help reset the computer and relearn the new air-fuel mixture. Hot air pollution is another common problem: warm air from the engine is ingested through the air filter.

An air filter helps seat the air more evenly instead of large chunks hitting the AF sensor, which makes the fuel more uniform. Over time, using K&N filters can save money by not having to buy new air filters as often. The amount of released horsepower you'll get from an air cleaner drop is negligible; however, you can get MPG, throttle response, and some power through improved airflow.

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